Eadem Mutata Resurgo

Philosophy - The Rites of Passage

There are three parts to social rites of passage: separation, transition, and reintegration. This installation was imagined as a single entity, perpetually and unpredictably changed by the participants who enter. It is created from found objects and materials removed from their intended purpose. During the event it will be a musical object always evolving with the immediate community and even wind of the desert. In the exploration and experimentation by visitors the objects and installation as a whole are introduced as instruments that form a coherent ensemble.

Yet, EMR also enables an individual to trace a symbolic ritual of passage. A person must step out of their normal performance and engage in a new way with sound, leaving preconceived ideas of musical/artistic identities. Arriving as a visitor they collect a sound implement. To pass through the spirals they must participate and become aware of the collaboration. Here everyone is able to engage, regardless of musical background or experience. As they leave, a person symbolically invites an outsider in by giving away their implement. One enters as a tourist, but leaves part of the community of musicians and creators.
We want to share the beauty in the intimate sound of common materials with the community at Burning Man, but we also want to share the opportunity to make music out of noise, to be vulnerable in communicating with abstract sound and touch, and to interact with the person at the adjacent instrument through play and experimentation.  We want to give everyone chance to express through sound, without the restraints implied by the rules of traditional music.